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  •  Perugia University, Italy
  • The Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry of the Chemistry Department at Perugia University (directed by Prof. U. Costantino) has given an outstanding contribution to the chemistry of layered materials,including phosphates and phosphonates of tetravalent metals and double hydroxides, and to the investigation of their ion exchange, intercalation and proton conduction properties since the early seventies. More recently the group has shifted the research activity towards polymer electrolyte membranes and their use in hydrogen fuel cells, developing original approaches to the preparation of polymer proton conducting nanocomposites based on the above materials and to their electrochemical characterisation by means of conductivity measurements. Since 1993 the group has been participating in European projects dealing with the development of proton conductors and composite membranes.
  •  Pretexo, France
  • Pretexo is a small company, France, created in 2007 by Dr Nathalie Cros. Communication and information sharing are essential to scientific projects, and time consuming, and Pretexo has developed various activities to facilitate and improve information sharing, communication and dissemination between partners and towards the public. Pretexo proposes its skills in various fields such as administrative management, reporting, implementation of a dedicated project website and internal project workspace, and meeting organisation. Pretexo's assistance allows the coordinator and each partner to focus on scientific aspects of the project. Pretexo has already been involved in the administrative management and the achievement of communication tools (web sites, internal workspaces, workshop organisations) of different scientific projects, such as: European funded projects, French National Research Agency (ANR) funded projects. Pretexo is also in charge of scientific international meeting organisations.